What is LCTI?

Language and Culture Training International (formerly the Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures) or LCTI is a phased-in expansion of Russian Language Ministries, Inc. LCTI’s goal is to apply the same type of learning environment and philosophy of language acquisition and cultural preparation that we have successfully used in preparing workers for service among Russian speakers to that of both Arabic and Chinese-speaking peoples. Chinese courses are now operating while the Arabic language and culture part of LCTI is still in a research stage.

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What are the costs of studying at LCTI?

Tuition for our eight-month course is $6500 ($3250/semester). (Room and board is not included.) Required texts and materials cost between $100 and $150, depending on the course. Students are able to study for one “semester”, or a portion thereof, on a prorated basis.

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What is the schedule for a typical course at LCTI?

LCTI’s Russian courses are held year-round with courses beginning generally in August and January.

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What housing arrangements are available through LCTI?

Here at LCTI we do our best to assist students with housing listings in the Spokane area, so that they can find available housing close to classes. Moody housing close to campus may be available for those taking classes for credit through Moody Bible Institute, while there are a number of other options close by.

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How much language will I learn?

Since each person’s personality, natural language aptitude, and motivation to learn are different, the results for each student will of course vary. Our students spend between 700 and 750 hours in learning-related activities (about 25 hours per week) per eight-month course. Our complete intensive Russian course has been said to be equivalent to about a four-year University Russian degree program. However, due to the intensive nature of our programs, and the high value we place on communicative activities and interaction with the Russian community, students generally become considerably more proficient in the language than is usually the case in a regular college curriculum.

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Is there any financial aid available?

While there is currently no financial aid available, we are seeking scholarship sources. In the meantime, we do offer some discounts to tuition: A husband and wife studying together are able to get a 10% discount off the tuition rate. In addition to this, children between the ages of 13 and 18 (those still in high school) are able to receive a 50% discount if one or both parents are enrolled. Children who have graduated high school pay the normal amount for tuition, though the 10% discount does apply to families.

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Can I receive college credit for the courses I take?


Coming soon.  Please contact LCTI for more information.

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Can I “audit” a language course?

Due to the labor intensive, personalized attention given to each student, auditing of our language courses is not available. Students may optionally enroll in just part of our overall program and still benefit greatly from the experience!

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