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Russian or Chinese Virtual Classroom Distance Learning

We provide a distance learning option for those already working or preparing to work abroad. Our internet-based virtual Classroom is available via a cutting edge video conferencing service. Basic and intermediate-level courses in Chinese and Russian begin August, 2018. In the Fall we will also offer “Correct Grammar in Conversational Russian”, an intermediate or advanced-level course that promotes native-like accuracy and fluency.

Students enjoy direct face-to-face instruction via conference call, not the usual recorded lectures found in most online programs. Emphasis is on becoming fluent and accurate. We are able to pair participants off for interactive practice of what is learned, with white board, video and other interactive features while online. Courses are directed and taught by our senior instructors, Marc Canner (Russian) and Weili Yuan (Chinese), with our conversation instructors providing class time when needed.

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Structure of the Online Program

We normally offer two different courses for both Russian and Chinese (basic and intermediate-advanced) with one or two-day blocks of instruction each week. The exact schedule is determined in consultation with students. The program runs for 12 weeks from early September till just before Thanksgiving. Class time each week includes 3 hours of instruction, and includes teacher-guided activities and independent practice.  The internet medium allows students to see each other as well as the instructor during class time and communicative activities.

Coursework includes teacher-led instruction, break out conversational practice followed by more interaction and debriefing with the instructor, and homework assignments such as reading, drills, listening practice and assigned language-learning and communicative tasks.

Highly Professional and Qualified Staff

All language programs are taught by highly qualified staff and led by professionals with vast experience in cross-cultural and language acquisition instruction. We have in residence a number of professionals who can assist your learning, including expert missiologists, highly qualified linguists (Second Language Acquisition) and well-trained language specialists and teachers. Equipping you to impact your world is our calling and passion!

Chinese Language Institute

Weili Yuan, MA, Main Instructor (currently working on her PhD in Second Language Acquisition)

Ivy Hall, Chinese Language Acquisition Specialist (currently working on her MA in Language Pedagogy)

Russian Language Institute

Marc Canner, PhD (Director, Conversation & Intermediate Grammar)

Dale Canner, Russian Grammar Acquisition Specialist

Svetlana Rogatinskaya Black, Russian Language Acquisition Specialist


†Online Program Courses, Tuition and Schedule for 2019-2020:

Fall, 2019:

I. Basic Russian I (no experience necessary)

*Description: A beginning-level introduction to becoming conversant in Russian; students learn how to communicate accurately, and grow in mastering the structure and phonetics of modern spoken Russian. The Spring online program is more intensive, with class meeting four times each week. The fall program runs for 12 weeks with class meeting twice each week.

Fall Online Program Dates: Sept. 3 – Nov. 20 (12 total weeks)

Meeting Times: There will be 2 blocks per week with meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4:15 – 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. Days and times can be modified when possible to meet student needs.

II. Accuracy in Spoken Russian (Intermediate Russian II), Fall 2019

*Description: An upper intermediate-level course for workers already engaged in immersive activities or who have mastered a basic-intermediate proficiency. Designed to enable the student to become more native-like in spoken Russian by improving in communication. Emphasizes both accuracy and fluency activities

Dates: Sept. 4 – November 20, 2019 (12 weeks)

**Meeting Times: To be determined by consultation with students

III. Basic Chinese I (no experience necessary)

*Description: A beginning-level introduction to becoming conversant in Mandarin Chinese; students learn how to communicate accurately, and grow in mastering the structure and phonetics of modern spoken Chinese

Dates: Sep. 10 – November 29, 2019

**Meeting Times: To be determined by consulting with students


Spring, 2020:

I.Intermediate Russian I

*Description: A lower intermediate level course that enables students to develop intermediate-level conversation skills in Russian; students begin to master the structure, vocabulary and pragmatic use of modern spoken Russian, with a number of conversational and intermediate-level grammar topics covered.

Dates: Jan. 21 –  April 16, 2020

II. Intermediate Chinese I

*Description: An upper novice/lower intermediate level course that enables students to begin to develop intermediate-level conversation skills in Mandarin Chinese; students grow further in mastering the structure and phonetics of modern Chinese, with a number of key conversational topics covered.

Dates: Jan. 14 –  April 9, 2020

**Meeting Times: 2 optional course sections with exact days and times to be determined to meet student needs.

* Students at a slightly higher level of proficiency may join a course at a point commensurate with abilities.

** Meeting times can be arranged either once or twice each week to fit specific student needs.


Program Tuition per 12-week course: $740.00 ($247.00 per month)

A $50.00 non-refundable course deposit is required with application for the online program. The deposit is applied toward tuition. Students may opt to pay their tuition on a monthly basis.

If interested, please contact us right away so that we can work out a schedule that suits your particular needs. Call us at: (800) 799-7976 for more information. You may also contact us directly at:

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Our Approach: A Communicative environment emphasizing accuracy and fluency

The language learning approach in all LCTI language programs and institutes is focused on communication, ensuring that students spend the majority of their time in conversational activities. Experienced native speakers provide most of the instruction in conversation courses, while Americans proficient in the language provide grammatical instruction designed to promote accurate speech patterns. Besides courses in conversation and grammar, students also participate in courses such as Learning to Converse; Intro to the Russian Bible (incorporated into Learning to Converse for Level One or Basic students); Bible and Apologetics (Level Two). We also augment the curriculum with additional needs when desired, such as vocabulary for businessmen, among other areas.

Basic and Intermediate level online language courses will be available.^ top

Instructors and Texts

Instructors include Americans who are proficient in the language as well as native-speaking instructors. It is our goal that all instructors at LCTI hold to the highest standards of classroom instruction, teaching methodology, and personal integrity.

The primary language texts include the following:

Russian: Golosa textbook series; A Practical Grammar with Exercises, Pulkina & Zakhava;

Russian for Believers by Marc T. Canner, and the Russian Bible.

Chinese: Integrated Chinese, levels I & II, by Tao Chung Yao and Liu Yehua; The Chinese Bible.

Culture and history-related titles: A variety of texts and resources are available covering religion, cultural history, cross-cultural adaptation, intercultural communication, etc.


Please contact us for more information: (800) 799-7976;

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