Russian Language Institute

The Russian Language Institute is our original intensive language program.  The RLI was first offered as a summer language program in 1993 on the campus of Columbia International University.  Today It is a full-time, year-round institute located in Spokane, Washington, which is home to over 40,000 Russians and a large number of Russian-speaking churches. We remain committed to providing students with accelerated programs that ensure the speedy acquisition of the Russian language and a strong understanding of the culture.

At RLI we don’t mess around.  Here you will be speaking, reading and writing in Russian within weeks of beginning your training.  The year-round Institute is designed to provide new trainees with a complete program of study in order to meet the minimum language proficiency level required for effective communication in most basic life and ministry situations.  Completion of the 8-month program (6 months for those who qualify) provides one with certification in the language, ensuring effective long-term lyanguage acquisition with continued study following the institute.

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Structure of the Year-round RLI

The Russian Language Institute gives new students the potential of beginning their training in the Fall and completing training in the Spring semester. While a student may come for a single semester, the complete program is broken down into two different tracks of study, according to the specific needs of our trainees. When enrollment allows, we offer an Accelerated Track for quick language acquisition, and a Standard Track of study (which is appropriate for most of our students).

Assignment to the accelerated track of study is based upon a Language Aptitude Exam that we administer to new students.  The exam evaluates and identifies your specific learning needs so that we can best serve you in acquiring the language. With an appropriate score on the aptitude test, students may qualify for the accelerated course. The result of this system is a program that suits virtually any individual’s language-learning aptitude and situation. The goal is that with proper study and effort, no one fails to learn.  The two Tracks of study work with the following schedules for our full-time certification program:

Accelerated Track of Study:  A 6-month course of study that begins in the Fall and runs until our Spring Break (approximately the third week of March).

Standard Track:  An 8-month course of study that begins in the Fall and runs through the Spring.

Other Programs:  When possible, we also provide a Summer Study Abroad opportunity, which has been held in Kiev, Ukraine. When available, this institute provides an excellent opportunity to both our students who have completed one of our programs in Spokane, as well as those who are already living in a Russian-speaking country, and who want to take their Russian to the next level.

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