What our students have said…

“The TEFL Certificate Program equipped me with invaluable tools to use overseas as an English language teacher. I learned the fundamentals of intercultural teaching and had the opportunity to teach Karen refugees during the program. The lectures were practical and useful for applying (the material) to the practicum. My favorite part of the program was the environment of the classroom. It was an inviting place for questions and discussions -learning from the instructor as well as fellow students. I would recommend the program to anyone who is interested in teaching English overseas or even within the States!

E. Ahn, (Summer, 2018)


“Of the nine languages I’ve studied, Russian is one of the most difficult.  Yet I had quicker results speaking Russian than I had in any other language, thanks to the (LCTI) Russian Language program’s excellent conversational emphasis.”

Dr. S. Maclean

“The LCTI is a unique language learning experience.  I have studied two other languages in different contexts, but I have never learned so much in so short a time.  The biblical emphasis and atmosphere of prayer and caring, plus excellent teaching, sets LCTI apart from any other language course.”

Renona Munro, Mission to the World

“My husband and I are currently students in the basic course at LCTI.  My husband has not had any Russian experience, but I worked with Russians for 5 years, though only 1 of those years was in Moscow. Like many I wanted to do my best to communicate with the Russians around me and worked to pick up what I could of the language. I also bought a beginning Russian book and worked through it on my own cover-to-cover. And even though I could make sense of basic conversation , I knew my grammar and usage was poor. It was like a wall of grammar understanding blocked me from truly knowing how to use the words I knew. I felt like I was guessing half the time and hoping the other half. In light of this, the weeks of study for me at LCTI have been refreshing. The teachers have such an amazingly simple way of explaining grammar rules I thought were complex mind puzzles. Almost every day I feel like a light is turned on and now I can see clearly (or speak clearly). The things I have learned so far have simplified and reduced for me the amount of brain taxing memorization I had tried before and failed at. I would highly recommend any amount of time you could spend with these teachers. They not only know the language and how to explain it clearly to English speaking minds, but they also have a passion for the Lord’s overseas work and a heart for the people doing it. They have all lived overseas and know the pressures faced. This allows them to bring a great deal of context, reality and even humor to their teaching.”

A.S. Spring 09 student

“The LCTI program was truly EXCELLENT.  All four of us can’t find superlatives strong enough to express how very profitable these eight weeks have been for us.  I learned MUCH more than I did in one year at the university here.  Several who participated in the program this summer felt they progressed MUCH more in these two months than they have in steady language study for over two years on the field.  We feel we were given a great head start and are so grateful for the chance to take advantage of the course…”

Pauline Gibson, World Gospel Mission

“The LCTI, through a God-given gift, enabled my wife Heather and me to enter the enigma, unwrap the mystery, and solve the riddle of the Russian language.  We accomplished in 4 months with LCTI what would have required 2 years, or more, on the field.  Don’t leave home without LCTI.”

Steve Godfrey, Church Resource Ministries

“The LCTI’s  program is designed specifically for Christian workers.  The teaching is structured in such a way so as to be clear and understandable, at the same time that it is stretching and challenging.  A North American who is enrolled in the program can take full advantage of this institute, which is striving for excellence.  Any worker should find himself better equipped not only in language, but also in the history and culture…”

Mark M.,  MAF

“We did two tours in the Russian-speaking world totaling over a year.  We actively studied the language in addition to being immersed in the local culture.  A single semester at the institute was far more valuable than over a year of immersion:  Take a semester (or a year!) at LCTI before you go.  You’ll hit the ground running — able to understand and make yourself understood — instead of floundering for two years or more while you figure out language and culture.”

S.R. ministering in Asia

“We cannot even imagine having come here without any language or cultural training.  If we had, our stress level would be through the roof.  We probably would have turned around and gone home long before now.  It was such a relief, when we first arrived, to be able to read signs and maps, understand the writing on food packages at the market or supermarket, and to be able to converse on a basic level with people.  Everyone here – the other missionaries, and our language teachers – are amazed at how well we’ve adapted.  We really credit our training at LCTI for helping us to avoid much of the culture shock that other missionaries have gone through.  Three loud cheers for LCTI  It gave us a first-class, solid foundation for real life here.  Your ministry is absolutely unique and vital.  We pray it will continue and flourish long into the future.”

C. G. (working in Russia)

“One of the tragic deficiencies in present missionary efforts is the absence of missionaries who can communicate in the heart language.  This oversight is one of the primary causes of ineffectiveness, wasted effort, and the failure of many people to commit to serving Christ overseas.”

“I know of no better training program in the U.S.  I have studied with LCTI myself and experienced firsthand the quality and excellence of the training they provide.  The ministry of LCTI meets a critical, essential need and will have a profound effect on the progress of the Gospel in the decades ahead.”

Dr. Sam F. Metcalf, President, Church Resource Ministries

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